How to change the world and try to repair the damage of these years, where nothing has changed?

What we thought was going around the world and looking at ourselves.
The project will be self financed and supported by the followers, there will be 17 stages that we will decide together, to see the world through social networks to truly see how the condition of our planet is. 17 stages in a year's time where every day will be transmitted in real time with streaming cameras on online platforms and understand together what we can do and where to intervene, making everyone understand the real state of poverty, pollution, and if after over 40 years big companies have really done something.

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Since 2016 we travel to every part of the world to understand climate change, already in less than two years in the same period of March 2018, always in Mexico, there were already many degrees of difference of 2 years before, the beaches were abundantly flooded daily by residues, which today the inhabitants cleaned, such as algae, plastic, the ocean is heating up, the eleven American rivers that flow into the Gulf of Mexico cause dragging, waste, the creation of more

 algae for detergents, pollution.